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Belly of the Beast


No we are not talking politics here. This is about ruminant animals and enteric fermentation.

This AACC project is national in scope with partners at six different universities. We also collaborate with a variety of groups when we put on conferences or create materials. We also have the opportunity to the best and most current information from around the world. Continue reading

Conversation with Troy

cattle_laneway_Nick_01I have known Troy for a long time. He is a  trusted Extension Educator (agent) working primarily with beef and dairy producers in northern Minnesota.  Troy also farms – using livestock to maximize whatever vegetation and dry matter can be produced in a region that has less than ideal soils and temperatures for crop production. The details of his farming and production in his region are not so important, but a recent conversation with him brought home to me the reality of how decisions are made. Continue reading

Can Soil Save Us? Part 3

Soil Carbon Cowboys! These cattlemen are rounding up the carbon and putting it back where it belongs: in the soil!

Peter Byck of Arizona State University put together this short video Soil Carbon Cowboys: Case studies in Holistic Management that captures another method that many farmers and ranchers are using around the world. They call it regenerative grazing. Continue reading

Of Potholes, Storm Sewers and Feedlots

Iowa StateI am in the process of re-recording my lecture for Lesson 3 (Adaptation) from our online course “Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate” and just heard something that I think illustrates an important aspect of adaptation.

It was a radio story about city planners and how they were adapting to climate change in Minnesota. We are currently experiencing more freeze thaw cycles and more intense (and larger) rainfall events. The city adaptation planning goes something like this. Continue reading