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monitoring_pic5I know that some of you may be surprised by this, but I do not always have something to say or write about.

I was inspired  yesterday from an online comment I ready by a farmer in response to an article about a company that markets a “field benchmarking, monitoring, and analytics” program designed to increase crop production.

I both agree and disagree with what was said. Continue reading

Time to Talk Heat Stress!

heat stress map usdaLast week we had one hot day in MN. On June 9 the temperature climbed to 97 degrees F in Western MN. Not an unreasonable temperature for the region but maybe a little early in the season. This got me thinking about heat stress. I know some regions of the US are well into heat stress season but we are just getting there.

The good news is that reminders about heat stress, and what do do about it, are coming from everywhere. The most recent heat stress article that came across my desk was from Morning Ag Clips entitled “Don’t let your reproduction suffer this year.” Continue reading

Yes We Can!

UAE rainfall and temp
United Arab Emirates
Southern NM
Southern New Mexico

I recently stumbled across an article  in a magazine called International Dairy Topics (Edition 14.3) The article was titled “United Arab Emirates: Meeting the challenges of production in the desert.”

I have been thinking about adaptation in animal agriculture lately and was curious about milk production in a desert climate. Yes, we produce milk in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona but this location is even dryer and hotter and likely requiring some extreme adaptation. Continue reading