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Driver of Change

Picture1There is no substitute for money.

In preparing for upgrading lesson 7 of our project’s online course, I stumbled upon a book entitled “Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st century” (National Research Council 2010). The chapter that interested me was Drivers and Constraints Affecting the Transition to Sustainable Farming Practices.

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Government Fails Test

groundwater depletionAnd I am not talking about climate change.

Two weeks ago I attended a workshop in Texas sponsored by our project on the intersection of water, food, and energy. Not great news for those who enjoy a cool glass of water once and awhile.

I will focus my thoughts on just one topic- the Ogallala Aquifer. Here is a quick summary of the situation from an NRCS website talking about their Ogallala Aquifer Initiative  (OAI) to fund on farm water conservation practices in the region.

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