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Can Soil Save Us? Part 3

Soil Carbon Cowboys! These cattlemen are rounding up the carbon and putting it back where it belongs: in the soil!

Peter Byck of Arizona State University put together this short video Soil Carbon Cowboys: Case studies in Holistic Management that captures another method that many farmers and ranchers are using around the world. They call it regenerative grazing. Continue reading

Can the Soil Save Us? Part 2.

carbonpicThe second in the series from Crystal Powers (Project Coordinator, UNL) on Soil Sequestration:

In our second post (here is  Part 1) on harnessing soil to help us combat climate change, I want to highlight an exciting project to put carbon back where it belongs. The Marin Carbon Project  partnered with Dr. Whendee Silver of UC Berkeley to research and demonstrate compost applications to rangelands. Continue reading