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Teachable Moment

Heat Stress Cattle by Carl Dahlen- NDSU
NDSU Carl Dahlen

Teachable moments are those times when people really need the information so are ready to listen to what you have to say.

In my past life I did research and education on odors from livestock facilities. The times that my teaching efforts were most effective was when a new farm was being proposed and the citizens of the county were opposing the facility due to odor complaints. This resulted in the farmer, concerned citizens, and county board coming to me for information, and paying attention to what I said. A teachable moment.

So this past week’s severe heat and storms throughout much of the United States makes for a great teachable moment for adapting to a changing climate. One option for organizing your teaching might be the following: Continue reading

Trumped by Climate

soil-300x273OK. I just had to get the T-word in there as it seems to boost ratings. Sorry.

However, the statement “Trumped by Climate” is true. Think card game not politics.

Not a day goes by with a news story about extreme or unexpected weather impacting farmers somewhere in the world. Here are some stories on Flooding, snow, cold temperatures, drought, in the last six months impacting farmers around the world. No matter how we plan, there are some things that are out of our control. This latest news about global temps is not any more encouraging:  “February Smashes Earth’s All-Time Global Heat Record by a Jaw-Dropping Margin.” Continue reading


monitoring_pic5I know that some of you may be surprised by this, but I do not always have something to say or write about.

I was inspired  yesterday from an online comment I ready by a farmer in response to an article about a company that markets a “field benchmarking, monitoring, and analytics” program designed to increase crop production.

I both agree and disagree with what was said. Continue reading

Records and Climate Change

East Coast Rainstorm South CarolinaIt is no secret that the rainfall and flooding in South Carolina was epic. Some say a 1000-year event. My heart goes out to all those impacted, including all the farmers.

I had a conversation recently with a friend about ‘record setting’ events. The question was, “If we break a temperature record that was originally set in 1902, what kind of ‘climate change’ was happening in 1902 to cause that spike in temperature?  And, aren’t we always breaking temperature records? And, if we had temperature records back 1000 years would we not see additional record setting temperatures from that period?”  His perspective was that temperature records (or record rainfall or flood events) is not an indication of climate change. My climatologist friends would agree with him. Continue reading