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Online Self Study Course

Online Self Study Course

Over 150 students that completed the course are now more confident in advising farmers on climate change issues. They help farmers:

  • become more efficient
  • make strategic investments
  • reduce unexpected costs
  • be more resilient

Students are Saying . . .

  • I really liked the forum posts. It really made you work to apply the principles taught in the course and therefore gain a better understanding of the material.
  • I really enjoyed taking this course and hope to use and spread this information in the future.
  • I really am thankful for the opportunity of getting such a wonderful resource and on top of it free. Thank you

Online Self Study Course (FREE)

Start learning more about this topic any time. Work at your own pace! Complete it in 2 days or 2 months! To get started visit this LPELC eXtension site.  (NOTE: This course is no longer available as a  formal Certificate of Completion Course. )

Anyone who works in the animal agriculture industry is welcome, since climate change affects every sector. Changes are already influencing supply, pricing, water, transportation, and even the breeds that farmers raise. Over 370 people from 76 different countries have participated in the Certification Course. Although this course is no longer offered, you can review the same materials as a self study course.

Extension educators are strongly encouraged to learn more about this topic since they provide education and training to both clients and peers.

The online self study course presented in a flexible format you can access on your own schedule. It uses real-world examples of how climate change is affecting the industry. It is visual and designed to be taken at your own pace on your own computer.

The high-quality course content is scientific and credible. It is based on peer-reviewed research, and is produced by leading experts from six major research universities. The lesson materials are a mix of high quality video productions, expert lectures, and reading materials.

The course can be completed in about 12 hours.

The course is free and available through through Dec 2017.

Course instructors include animal scientists, engineers, and climatologists. They develop their lessons based on past and current research, trends in the industry, and weather and wisdom from farmers. Lessons are supplemented by presentations by a variety of industry experts.

Once you have completed the course, you will have access to a library of resource materials to help you do presentations and talk to your community and the media.

Project blogs and newsletters provide continuing education on current events and research.

The course offered me useful information that I access every day. I learned about how climate affects disease, how to keep animals cool enough, and planning what facilities to build to maintain and increase dairy production.

— Faith Cullens, Farm Manager