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The topic of Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate is relatively new and quite complex. Link to one of the blogs below for some weekly or daily reminders of the topic. Our Resources Page provides a great way to find the most important published information on  the topic. This page also keeps current listing of events and is an archive of past workshop presentations. Enjoy!

News & Events

Project Blogs


A national weekly posting with current information and commentary. This blog post has ended. Here is a link to the posts made during the project.


A blog that covers climate and weather topics related to crops and animals, with a focus on the southeastern U.S. This link will take you to the blog.

Past AACC Sponsored Events

  • Cattle and Climate Conversations Workshop. Oct 12, 2016, Denver CO.
  • Navigating Agriculture through the Water Food Energy Nexus, November 2015. Click here for to see the recorded workshop presentations.
  • Dairy Environmental Systems and Climate Adpatation Conference July 29-30, 2015. Ithica New York. Click  here to view recorded workshop presentations.
  • Greenhouse Gasses and Climate Change Symposium at the Waste to Worth meeting in Seattle, March 2015. Click here for most of the recorded presentations.
  • Cattle and Climate. Nov 6th, 2014. Stillwater Oklahoma. Click here for some of the workshops recorded presentations.
  • Animal Agriculture and Climate Change Symposium at the LPELC Waste to Worth Conference, Denver, April 2013. Click here to see many of the recorded presentations.

Climate change is an emerging topic in the area that I serve. We already work with some of the recommended mitigation strategies taught in the course, so it will be easier to make the link between those practices and their benefits on climate change.

— Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate online course graduate