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This is a 5 minute overview of the Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate Project.

Format: Video - Reference: 2015. Produced by the Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate Project.

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Adaptation Resources for Agriculture: Responding . . .

Add this new USDA report to your education and outreach action plans for helping producers prepare for, cope with, and recover from extreme weather and uncertain climate conditions. Read it to gain perspective on climate adaptation in agriculture and understand the general effects of climate change on agriculture and natural resources in the region.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Maria K. Janowiak, Daniel N. Dostie, Michael A. Wilson, Michael J. Kucera, R. Howard Skinner, Jerry L. Hatfield, David Hollinger, and Christopher W. Swanston. USDA Tech Bulletin 1944. Oct. 2016

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Adapting to a Changing Climate

This 21-minute video by David Schmidt (University of Minnesota) is a recorded lecture for the Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate online course. The lecture covers the general principles of adaptation and outlines a systematic approach to choosing making adaptation choices.

Format: Video - Reference: Schmidt. 2014. Lecture recorded for AACC online course

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Adapting to a Changing Climate: A Planning Guide

This 44-page publication produced by the AACC project is a planning guide to help guide farmers through the process of future farm planning considering climate change.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Schmidt, D., E. Whitefield, D. Smith. 2016*. Produced for Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate Project. First published 2014. Revised 2016.

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Adapting to Hotter Periods of Heat: Heat Stress on Dairy Farms

Heat stress on dairies was an expensive problem during the summer of 2015. With the periods of heat increasing, and arriving earlier in the summer and later into the fall, it is necessary that dairies are prepared to cool their cows effectively and efficiently to maintain healthy cows and keep profit margins. Joe Harrison (Washington State University), Jay Gordon (WA State Dairy Federation) and Guillaume Mauger (University of Washington), and Jason Sheehan (J&K Dairy, LLC) are interviewed to provide information and education on the topic of climate change impacting dairy production and how producers are successfully adapting to the heat.

Format: Video - Reference: A production of Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate

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Agricultural Adaptation to a Changing Climate: Economic and Environmental Implications Vary by U.S. Region

This 84-page report by the USDA ARS (Malcome et al, 2012) discusses the economic impacts of a changing climate on agriculture. Abstract: Study findings suggest that, while impacts are highly sensitive to uncertain climate projections, farmers have considerable flexibility to adapt to changes in local weather, resource conditions, and price signals by adjusting crops, rotations, and production practices. Such adaptation, using existing crop production technologies, can partially mitigate the impacts of climate change on national agricultural markets. Adaptive redistribution of production, however, may have significant implications for both regional land use and environmental quality.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Malcolm et al. 2012. USDA ERS Report #136

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Agriculture in a Changing Climate: Impacts and Adaptation

This 41-page report is on Chapter 13 of the 1995 IPCC Assessment report. Somewhat dated but still potentially useful.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: IPCC 1995 Assessment Report

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Agriculture’s Role in Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Capture

This 20-page publication from the American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Science Society of America, and The Soil Science Society of America. This report summarizes current knowledge of GHG emissions and capture as influenced by cropping
system, tillage management, and nutrient source.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: 2010. ASA, CSSA, SSSA

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Anaerobic Digestion Case Study Steve Vanderhaak

This 5-min video provides a glimpse of how anaerobic digestion can be an economically viable methane reduction method on a dairy farm. This video presents the Steve Vanderhaak farm in Washington State.

Format: Video - Reference: Video produced for Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate.

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Anaerobic Digestion: Beyond Waste Management

This 8-minute video produced by Washington State University for Sustainable Agriculture is an overview of all the many benefits of anaerobic digestion.

Format: Video - Reference: Washington State University.

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