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They Economic Risk of Climate Change in the United States

This website has multiple reports focused on the economics and risk of climate change. It is put together by a rather unique group of individuals that include Gregory Page (former CEO of Cargill).

Format: Website - Reference: Risky Business

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U.S. Beef Phase 2 Eco-efficiency Analysis

The purpose of this submission is to provide a written report of the methods and findings of BASF Corporation’s “U.S. Beef Eco-efficiency Analysis,” with the intent of having it verified under the requirements of NSF Protocol P352, Part B: Verification of Eco-efficiency Analysis Studies.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Battaglies, T. J. Andrad, R. Vinas, K Stahkhouse-Lawson. C. Rotz, UJ. Dillon. 2015. BASF Corporation

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Unlocking Secrets in the Soil: Soil Health

The resources on this soil health website from USDA NRCS are designed to help visitors understand the basics and benefits of soil health—and to learn about Soil Health Management Systems from farmers who are using those systems.

Format: Website - Reference: USDA. NRCS. Website

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US. GHG Inventory 2014. Chapter 6 Agriculture

Chapter-6 of the US GHG Inventory 2014 summarizes emissions from agriculture. From the introduction "Agricultural activities contribute directly to emissions of greenhouse gases through a variety of processes. This chapter provides an assessment of non-carbon-dioxide emissions from the following source categories: enteric fermentation in domestic livestock, livestock manure management, rice cultivation, agricultural soil management, and field burning of agricultural residues."

Format: Website - Reference: US EPA. 2014.

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USDA-ARS Heat Stress Forecast Map

Heat stress forecast maps

Format: Assessment Tool - Reference: USDA ARS Website

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Weathering Drought

Popular Press article 2013

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Nickel. 2013.

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What is the Carbon Footprint of a Gallon of Milk?

This popular press article by Dr. Ying Wang (Director of Sustainability Research at the Innovation Center for US Dairy) summarizes a study done on the carbon footprint of Dairy done by Greg Thoma (University of Arkansas) that is not accessible by the public.

Format: Website - Reference: 2012. Dairy Good.

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When to Implement Evaporative Cooling

In this 6-minute video, Mike Brumm (Brumm Swine Consultancy) provides some information on evaporative cooling in swine production The video was recorded as part of the USDA funded project Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate.

Format: Video - Reference: Brumm. 2013. Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate

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Why Does Climate Change?

This 8-page factsheet provides an easily understandable scientific overview of the science of climate change. It covers all the forcings and feedbacks that are involved in this complex climate system.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Smith et al, 2012. Produced for the Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate Project.

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