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Gabe Brown – SARE National Converence on Cover Crops & Soil Health

Gabe Brown is a farmer from North Dakota. This segment was produced for the National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health, which was held February 18-19, 2014. The theme of the conference was "Harvesting the Potential," and was held in Omaha, Nebraska.

Format: Video - Reference: SARE National. 2014

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Genetic Basis for Heat Tolerance in Cattle

This 21-page literature review by Megan Rolf (Oklahoma State), released in March 2015 is a great summary heat stress in cattle and the role of genetics in heat tolerance.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Rolf, M., 2015.

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GHG Emissions from Dairy Sector: A Global LCA.

This 98 page report is a result of a collaboration between the International Dairy Federation (IDF) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), to assess GHG emissions from the dairy food chain.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: FAO, 2010

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Global Climate Change: What does it mean for us?

In this 15-minute video (Part 1 of 4) recorded at a 2014 workshop in Stillwater Oklahoma, you will learn some of the basic drivers of climate change. In addition Dr. McManus (Oklahoma State) talks about the Oklahoma Mesonet and gives some great history of drought in the Great Plains.

Format: Video - Reference: Conference: Climate and Cattle. Nov 6, Stillwater Oklahoma

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Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM) FAO

The current version of GLEAM (1.0) is primarily focused on the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock sector activities. Future version will include other impact categories and are currently being added to the model.

Format: Website - Reference: FAO Website

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Global Warming: How Does it relate to Poultry?

This 9-page factsheet by Claudia Dunkley (University of Georgia) provides an overview of climate change and mitigating carbon emissions (reducing carbon footprint) in poultry operations.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Dunkley. C. 2014. UGA Bulletin 1382

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions from milk production and consumption in the United States: A cradle to grave life cycle assessment circa 2008

This article presents a cradle-to-grave analysis of the United States fluid milk supply chain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are accounted from fertilizer production through consumption and disposal of milk packaging.

Format: Journal Article - Reference: G. Thoma, J. Popp, D. Nutter, D. Shonnard, R Ulrich, M Matlock, D. Kim, Z Neiderman, N Kemper, C. East, F. Adom. 2013 Internatioanl Dairy Journal 31(2013) S3-S14

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Greenhouse Gas Inventory Explorer

The Data Explorer is an interactive tool that provides access to data from EPA's annual Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks.

Format: Assessment Tool - Reference: EPA website

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