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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Opportunities for Livestock Management in the United States

This 4-page policy brief from Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions synthesizes and communicates foundational information for designing greenhouse gas mitigation and reporting programs for livestock systems in the United States, in particular for reductions in enteric and manure methane emissions. Included is a qualitative summary of expert opinion of mitigation practices for beef, dairy, and swine assessing the ‘readiness’, ‘mitigation potential’, and ‘potential expense’ of various strategies.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Policy brief by Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. 2012. Based on a report by Archibeque, S., Haugen-Kozyra, K., Johnson, K., Kebreab, E., Powers-Shilling, W., Olander, L., and Van de Bogert, Abigail.

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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options and Costs for Agricultural Land and Animal Production within the United States

This 270-page document is a comprehensive review of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation methods across all of agriculture. Included in this analysis are costs and benefits of a variety of mitigation technologies.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: ICF International for USDA Climate Change Program Office. 2013

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Groundwater Depletion in the United States (1900-2008)

A detailed report from USGS on groundwater depletion in the US. This is the most recent and comprehensive report - published in 2013.

Format: Website - Reference: L. Konikow. USGS. Scientific Investigations Report 2013-5079

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Harvesting Rain on a Dryland Farm

In this 4 minute video, Florida farmer Kirk Brock describes the challenges of managing water on a dryland farm and how cover cropping and climate forecasts help him improve his bottom line.

Format: Video - Reference: 2013

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Heat Impacts on Swine Production

This 28-minute video by Michael Brumm (Brumm Swine Consultancy) provides an overview of the impacts of heat on swine production.

Format: Video - Reference: Brumm, Michael. 2013. Video produced for Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate.

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Impact of Heat Stress on Poultry Production

This 14 page journal article by Lucas and Rostagno, 2013 is an excellent summary of heat stress impacts on poultry with an emphasis on broilers and laying hens.

Format: Journal Article - Reference: Lucas. L. and M. Rostagno. 2013. Open Access "Animals"

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Impacts of Climate on Animal Agriculture

This 16-minute video by David Schmidt (University of Minnesota) lecture provides an overview of the many ways that climate impacts animal agriculture. It also provides a systematic approach for discovering these impacts on the farm.

Format: Video - Reference: Schmidt, 2014, Produced for AACC Online Course

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Introduction to Heat Stress

This 10-minute video (powerpoint) by Dr. Pete Hanson is a brief introduction to heat stress in dairy.

Format: Video - Reference: Hanson. 2013. Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate Project

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Is it Weather or Is It Climate? What’s the Difference?

This 4-page factsheet describes the differences between weather and climate providing definitions and a basic understanding of climate models vs weather models.

Format: Factsheet or Publication - Reference: Pam Knox. Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate Project Publication

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Life Cycle Assessment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Animal Agriculture

This 20 minute video was created for the project and online course Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate. It discusses the carbon cycle, the role of animal agriculture in greenhouse gas emissions and the system of quantifying emissions called Life Cycle Assessment.

Format: Video - Reference: AACC

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