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Why Consider Climate?

Why Consider Climate?

Agriculture is changing rapidly.

The need to feed an expanding world population, consolidation within the industry, and vertical integration—where every step in the production to market cycle is controlled—are all creating challenges and opportunities.

A changing climate is one more challenge to consider in this complex industry. To be profitable, the agricultural industry and individual farmers must understand the interface between animal agriculture and climate change.

This program is designed to provide research-based context to help the industry plan for the future.

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Informed farmers are working with extension educators

who understand that climate affects every phase of animal agriculture.

They know that farmers are experiencing a variety of changes, including:

  • longer, more humid hot spells
  • water shortages
  • heat-stressed animals
  • more expensive feed
  • unpredictable rain and snow patterns
  • more intense storms

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Everyone in livestock management should take this course. I learned that we have to evolve and adapt to climate change; we also have to plan and understand what changes to expect.

Brenda Miller, University of Minnesota Extension Educator
— Livestock Production Systems